Slydr (aka Sliding Keyboard) 2.0 submitted to marketplace

I have just finished 2.0 changes.

This version has been hard work. A lot of rewriting since my goal was to add more layouts and language support. Total languages / layouts support are
◦Catalan (Català) – Spanish keyboard layout
◦Czech (Český)
◦German (Deutsch)
◦Dutch (Nederlands)
◦Dutch (Belgium)
◦Spanish (Español)
◦Finnish (Soumi)
◦Français (France)
◦Français (Canada)
◦Français (Switzerland)
◦Greek (Ελληνικά)
◦Italian (Italiano)
◦Norwegian (Norsk)
◦Hungarian (Magyar)
◦Polish (Polski)
◦Português (Portugal)
◦Português (Brasil)
◦Russian (русский)
◦Swedish (Svenska)
◦Turkish (Türkçe)
◦Ukrainian (українська)

I would like to take this to thank for their work on extensive subtitles and making them easy to consume for other purposes 🙂

I would also like to thank Francis Tyers for being so approachable and building me a Catalan word list in matter of minutes. Thank you very much Francis Tyers.

Do you think i should publish my word list related work on wikitionary ? I did get the idea from them after all !!!

I am not going to have my laptop for next 3 weeks so i think changes will be slower.
For now, i will only bug fix current app.

My next goal is Mango integration. Submission starts this month and i want to implement contacts feature asap. I might consider adding other e.g. Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croation, Slovenian and Afrikaans ???


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