Favourite contacts!!

Most of the times, i have a fixed list of people i want to message.
in fact the list is not very long. so another enhancement for 2.0 will be frequenly used contacts.

I plan to keep history of what contacts are used and will offer a list of 10 – 15 contacts and the current ability to search from the whole list. How does that sound ?

I think i’ll do the same for email. while we are discussing email, i think the email usage is so low that i’m going to enable it in trial mode. doesn’t make sense not making it available based on the stats i have seen.

BTW new layouts are working. I just need to fix $ sign in russian / ukrainian keyboards as they use it flipped horizontally.

I’ve also gotten hold of stack traces and will be fixing all issues that have caused an issues in the last month. I guess this weekend looks good for a release.


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