Another 8 days to go

The joys of coding a numerous 🙂

for starters its all the praise you get from users 😛

I am resisting desire to make release before adding support for Nordic / Russian / Ukarainian.
the thing that makes it hard is that standard Querty keyboard has 10 letters in a row max. Nordic / Russian / Ukarainian has 11 letters per row. While means i need to rework a lot of character detection code 😦

why why why… just when life was getting easier 🙂

The total support languages for 2.0 will be
English, French, German, Spanish, Catala, Italian, Portuguese, Bralizian Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Ukarainian and Turkish. (word lists are ready for these languages… yay – hope i got them right)

After adding these, i need to fix a bug in automatic space addition. If i still have energy, I will try to add Slovakian.

I have another 8 days of laptop use before i lose it for 3 weeks. I might do some work from my desktop – which recently got all the dev tools but i have a hectic schedule of fixing my garden while the girls are away. All i gotta do is take some paving slabs off from half the garden, put new ones in the first half and landscape the rest of it. DIY paving here i come


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