Done with word lists, back to Sliding Keyboard

I am done with word lists for now. Made last set of changes yesterday evening and run the list builder… took a couple of hours but its all done with all 50 languages i had data for. Not going to add support for all. I am looking to add supprt for Nordic languages and possibly russian in next version. Possibly fix a few some issues.

Got some encouraging feedback for 1.9
The app works much better after the 1.9 update. It’s finally worth using.
Update made this app great. Just have to get used to it. Picked words correctly when I slid past what I wanted.
Update: With v1.9 this has improved no end! Very usable. Few small niggles but developer has done everything people have requested of him. So I still expect rapid improvement. Now 4 stars. Have bought it, can’t say more than that really.

Got some feature request from last user (in first round of feedback) and i’m going to try and add it in v2.

Also what about Slydr. I tried it with German version – Deutsch Slydr (only released 1 version before integrating it into the same code base) and never released French Slydr


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