WP7 Sliding Keyboard v1.9 out now

v1.9 passed through certification last night and is now available for download.

Take a pic of the Tag with your Windows Phone 7 device, to download this app from the Marketplace.

Or install using Zune by clicking on the link below

Its a small release which * doesn’t change dictionaries or supported languages

It only:
* pops up character like stock WP7 keyboard to make it easier to know where you are (read fat fingers friendly)
* reworked word matching code to notify of the first match as soon as possible (so that its added to the UI) and it continues finding other relevent matches in the background.
* one user reviewed saying whats with this crayon fixation. Well being a developer i never give into form over functionality but i have corrected it. Trace colour changed to White. Auto removal of old trace entries – looks like a line trailing your finger.

Youtube video can be seen here


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