just feel inspired by Swype Demo

I personally am a big fan of swype. Every since i used swpye i stopped using all other keyboards / keypads / input methods.

Swype of course made its debut on Windows Mobile 6.x on Samsung Omnia 2 (or some other samsung omnia series phone). While i was making Sliding Keyboard I tried to use Microsoft keyboard look and feel and of course the idea was to do something similar to what Swype did. On Omnia Swype speed was never an issue 🙂 (it being resistive touchscreen models). However i never saw it used on Android and I was suprised by constant comparision to Swype input speed. Guess what swype has improved greatly.

I will try to improve my code to make it even faster. I guess i need to depart from WP7 keyboard behaviour of showing similar / closer matches.

So for v1.9 the requirements are:
1) Move matching to asynchronous call
2) Add Nordic language support.

I think that should do for next release. Maybe add some monitoring on most used language. Anyone want to make a guess ???
Most users are from USA then from UK so i guess i’ll go for English.


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