Reasons why emulators cannot replace physical devices

Last couple of weeks, i have been coding up sliding keyboard and since my time spent has taken expotential increase, i’ve learned a thing or two 🙂

Rule # 1: Process the least you can get away with. This is a killer.

Rule # 2: Just becasue it works beautifully on emulator doesn’t mean its going to work the same way on a real device 🙂

The combination of me ignoring # 2 and doing a way lot of #1 meant that sliding keyboard was taking monstrous amout of time. I am so thankful to the two users who indepedently told me about it.

Previously in v1.6 dictionary load up used to take about 10 or more seconds to load English dictionary. On emulator it was a breeze. However i did not extensive test load times for non english dictionary. German dictionary is about 8 megs and even on emulator it was taking about 10 / 12 seconds. My bad my bad…

Fast forward… now in v1.7 i am not processing much and i have managed to get it to 2 seconds in emulator and about 12 seconds on physical device. Trying other ideas to reduce the load time – we shall see what it is in v1.8 for one thing, i am going to keep an eye on it this time.

Once burned twice shy


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